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17 June 2010

Drink at the Lamb and Flag

Sometimes your author feels, dear readers, that he has let you down. How can it have taken more than a year and a half to mention the Lamb and Flag, in Covent Garden?

The Lamb and Flag is almost certainly the oldest pub in Covent Garden, with a history dating back more than 300 years (records date it to 1623), and its hard to find a more characterful, local, pub in this part of London, deep as we are in touristland.

The downstairs bar, with front windows opening onto the street/smoking courtyard is nice enough, but if you're looking for a seat you're better off entering through the small door down the side alley and heading up to the cosy upstairs room, which is a little quieter and even has live jazz every Sunday evening from 7.30pm. Last time your author went, even though he felt jaded after a weekend of excess, the atmosphere was absolutely fantastic.

It comes thoroughly recommended, as does the Sussex Best, which is usually on tap. For a proper review from a magazine, see http://www.timeout.com/london/bars/reviews/12863.html

^Picture by Joe Mac1^


  1. I've got a photo of this pub from almost the exact same angle, at Christmastime 2006. I see that rubbish from the building on the left is a perpetual thing!

  2. how on earth did you manage to get an evening pic with only ONE person standing outside?!

  3. Had GREAT pints with Geoff, Courtney, Helen and me-Glenn! Top pub, and sister pub to the Fat Lamb- Eugowra, NSW, Australia. Go the filthy five!!!