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15 June 2010

Say happy birthday to the Victoria Tower

Often overlooked in favour of its taller, older brother, the Victoria Tower, at the Southern end of the Palace of Westminster, is just as impressive. Whilst it doesn't have a clock, it is through the entrance at its base that the Queen enters Parliament, so it does play an important role.

The Victoria Tower was completed in May 1860, and as such has just celebrated its 150th birthday. It was a key part of the new Palace of Westminster which was built following the fire which destroyed the medieval palace in 1834.

Because so many important items had been destroyed in the fire, it was stipulated that some aspects of the tower had to be fireproof, in order that they could hold papers which formed part of Parliament's historic records. Still, the documents were put at risk when all the windows in the Tower were blown out during the Second World War.

For more on the Victoria Tower, see here.

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