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19 June 2010

Enjoy the Paradise Gardens Festival

Your author tries not to do repeat posts too often, but he will make an exception for the free Paradise Gardens festival, which takes place in Victoria Park this weekend.

As your author said this time last year, this is the one big free festival which appears to have survived the cuts, thanks to the good Council Tax payers of Tower Hamlets, but who knows whether it will still be on next year or the year after.

This will be your author's fourth year at Paradise Gardens, whilst today's weather looks undeniably patchy, he is particularly pleased the decision was made some years back to move the festival to June as, when it used to be held in the back end of the Spring, that was always on the cards.

There's plenty to occupy you, should you choose to make the trip, with Wynton Marsalis headlining, the Carter's Steam Fair adding a fairground atmosphere, and various tents, show, dance classes, food and drinks available.

For more, see http://www.paradisegardensfestival.org.uk/

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