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12 August 2012

Watch the Closing Ceremony

So, a few more loose ends to tie up today - another marathon not going through Tower Hamlets - before it's time to draw the curtain down on the show which some people call the greatest show on Earth. It's been just over two weeks of highs and lows and we've put on a fine event for athletes from around the world. London, you should be proud.

And tonight, in front of an audience which the organisers rather optimistically estimate to number in the multiple billions, we will once again attempt to put on a show of what makes us good, culminating with the extinguishing of a flame, and the handing of the Olympic dream to Brazil. It all leaves your author questioning what we will all do now, but until then, some music...

For more, see http://www.london2012.com/spectators/ceremonies/closing-ceremony/

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