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20 August 2012

Find the Ecuadorian Embassy

A few months ago there would have been something completely unremarkable about the address of the Ecuadorian Embassy, situated as it is at Flat 3B, 3 Hans Crescent, SW1X 0LS. In fact it sounds rather more like the venue for a house-party than the foreign mission of a South American nation with a population of more than 15 million.

This week, however, it seems to have become rather more newsworthy, and when your author stumbled upon it rather accidentally yesterday afternoon, it was the scores of satellite vans, sweltering camera crews, vocal protestors and ready police vans that made it clear that this was the place, rather than anything indicative of South American culture.

It seems easier not to comment on the Australian man who has been until recently sleeping on an inflatable camp bed in a tiny room of the flat, even after his decision to stick his head out of the window yesterday afternoon, but your author certainly found it an interesting place to see, as this usually-quiet street behind Harrod's has become - for a while at least - a centre of world news.

For more, see http://ecuador.embassyhomepage.com/#embassy-address-london


  1. Julian Assange is arguably the bravest Australian and a real hero. I hope that if the Americans massacre Assange and all his Wikileak colleagues, as I expect they will, that Australia will take revenge on the USA straight away. Ecuador is brave, but they too will pay a great price.

  2. He is at worst guilty of minor rape as defined under Swedish law, at best he is no gentleman, all the stuff about the USA and the death penalty is a smokescreen. At least the two women who accuse him got it for free unlike Jemima Khan and the rest who he screwed for £20k each.

  3. Cool...we can see in real time when the British SAS Commandos Storm the Embassy (something never EVER done before)to get Julian out of there and back to the USA (via wherever) so he can be promptly shot!