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30 August 2012

Listen to music at the Scoop

Over at the odd bit of London next to City Hall, the Scoop is a purpose-built amphitheatre which hosts regular events through the summer. Tonight, if the mood takes you, you can hear a blues gig from Pacifico Blues Jam.

We are told to expect guitarist Chris Newland to be joined by blues harpist blues harp Paul Pacifico, for an evening concert which, within the showers, sounds very pleasant. In case of rain, or an interest in talking to nice people you could also consider attending Talking To Strangers at the Devereux off Fleet Street.

For more on the gig, see http://www.morelondon.com/events.asp


  1. It is a theatre, not an amphitheatre

  2. If they can call that series of small walls under the Guildhall an amphitheatre then this is close enough for me...all the definitions I see say something along the lines of "A contemporary amphitheatre, the sense in which the word has come to be used now, is a curved, acoustically vibrant performance space, particularly one located outdoors"