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1 August 2012

Tour the World in London

Your author is always bleating on about how there is in London all that life can afford, and the whole world is in London, but this week it is literally true. Whilst you wouldn't know it wandering around the City, in other parts of town the nations of the World are showing off their wares.

Inevitably many of the national hospitality houses, set up to entertain athletes and VIPs, are not open to us proles, but a few decent forward-looking countries are allowing us in, so step forward Jamaica's Jamaica House, Switzerland's House of Switzerland, Africa's Africa House and a few others for your forward-thinking and positive attitudes.

For more on all the national hospitality centres, many of which are sadly closed to ordinary bods like your author, see http://www.visitlondon.com/london2012/national-hospitality-houses-for-london-2012/

^Picture © ReeSaunders used under a Creative Commons license^

1 comment:

  1. Brazil is in Somerset House and has free events every evening. Denmark is in St Katharine's Dock and has a great display including a Lego model of the Olympic Park!
    There's also a fab free Olympic Museum in Covent Garden (inside the Royal Opera House) and you can take a photo with the 2012 torch.
    Thank you for your fantastic book and your fantastic blog.