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25 August 2012

Eat at Zeret Kitchen

A decent little restaurant on little square set back from Camberwell Road, Zeret Kitchen specialises in traditional Ethiopian cuisine, served well and with a smile. Though your author doesn't know a lot about Ethiopian food, of the few such restaurants he has experienced this has been the best.

Happily, for those who find deciding difficult, a Zeret Surprise is on offer, combining various Ethiopian dishes with traditional spongy bread, and if the mood takes you and Ethiopian Coffee Service is available.

For more, see http://zeretkitchen.com/


  1. One of our very favourites - superb quality and very reasonably priced. Intriguing dish names - wot is 'Miser wot'? What piece of the animal is 'chicken tibs'? - and lovely unusual tastes. Sadly I now live in York and miss Zeret a lot!

  2. I must have forgotten, or I wasn't ever there, but where is Camberwell Road?

  3. Hi Hels, it's in south London, south of Elephant and Castle...it begins as Walworth Road