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10 August 2012

Visit the Mile End Floating Market

In an example of the sort of thing your author hoped would characterise the Olympic summer, some people out in East London have put together a floating market, with barges in Mile End offering their wares to passers by on the canal, or the towpath.

There's the usual East London art, clothes, cakes, sanwiches and books, but visitors also have the opportunity to access herbal medicine, a floating hairdressers and even a floating factory (of sorts) making fused glass jewellery onboard.

For more, see http://www.floatingmarket.co.uk/


  1. This looks so great! I hope to get there this weekend. I can't find any info about hours, though - does anyone know when they are open? Safe to assume they'll be there on Sunday even?

  2. Is this just for the Olympics period or a permanent fixture? Their website doesn't really have any detail.

  3. I was told by one of the barge traders that it's just for a few weeks. Enjoy while it lasts!

  4. Will the markets still be there on the 16th of August?

  5. The Floating Market be at Little Venice from the 20th August till 2nd September. Then who knows...

  6. Frocks A Float and the Sandwich Barge now at Broadway Market Hackney ... Word on the water will join them next week along with the Hat Boat until end of September ;-)