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14 April 2011

Walk in York House Gardens

Whilst the house is now part of the rather grand council offices of the London Borough of Richmond, the gardens of 17th century York House, in Twickenham are a lovely spot for a wander.

The house has had many owners during its time, but perhaps the most famous was the Indian industrialist Sir Ratan Tata, who owned it from 1906 until his death. We are told that Sir Rantan's flourishes can still be seen today, including a sunken lawn to the rear of the house, a sea nymph statuary near the riverside and the restored Japanese garden.

It was acquired by the council in 1926, and though many of the administrative staff have moved to boring municipal buildings in the surrounding area. Following restoration work, the council still retains the house and it is used as a venue for weddings and other events.

For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/York_House,_Twickenham


  1. I walked down the opposite bank of the Thames last year and got a good look at some magnificent properties (including Syon House and Marble Hill House) from the other side of the river. I'm not sure if I spotted York House (Eel Pie Island might have been in the way...) but it looks stunning, and well worth a visit.

  2. There's absolutely loads round there. It's a TOLTOL goldmine...