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17 April 2011

Hire a pedalo in Greenwich Park

If you're off to support a loved-one in the marathon this morning, and looking for a quick distraction while they run the Woolwich bit, you might consider hiring a pedalo in Greenwich Park.

Sure they're a bit large for the pond, but next year the pond will become a water jump for the Olympic horse prancing which will take place in the park, and will be lost for an uncertain amount of time.

For more, click here, or to read very sketchy details about the Olympic plan for the park, click here.


  1. Oo-er really weird. Reminded by the location of the London Marathon start today, husband and I were reminiscing about picnics in Greenwich Park in our early married days in 1970. I said, " Do you remember the pedalos in the boating lake?" Are we too old to enjoy a last go before the arrival of horses?