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16 April 2011

Let the kids roam at the Herne Tavern

Your author likes pubs, but one of his golden rules is that a good pub is one that allows dogs and forbids children. However, it takes all sorts, so let's take a look at one pub which makes a point of embracing the shouty little people with open arms.

The Herne Tavern, in the heart of the East Dulwich breeding area, opened in September 2006, and was set up by the same people who run The Palmerston on Lordship Lane. Presumably the plan was to keep all the running-about-and-screaming out of the Palmerston whilst allowing tired parents to see their friends for a couple of hours, and it does seem to work.

The pub offers a nice playground area and plenty of outside space, and it has received great reviews in Time Out, The Observer and The Independent, which either means it is very good, or it means that journalists from Time Out, The Observer and The Independent live round here and have kids. For a childless twenty-something on a Sunday afternoon, it is probably best avoided, however, even though it is pretty and the beer is good.

For more information, see http://www.theherne.net/

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