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28 April 2011

Play pétanque at Hay's Galleria

The traditional game of pétanque is big news in France, with many millions of people said to play every year, particularly in summer. In London, it is less popular, but there are still a few keen players, and one of the most prominent pitches is at Hay's Galleria, in Southwark.

This is, we are told, the only permanent pétanque pitch in the area, and is pretty unique in that it is covered, so there is no risk of rain stopping play. The pitch is owned by Ball's Brothers, an upmarket wine bar chain, and is free to hire.

If you are particularly good there is also an upcoming opportunity to enter a competition, for on the evening of 10th June, 16 teams will fight it out to become City Pétanque Champions.

You can book the pitch by calling Balls Brothers at Hay’s Galleria on 020 7407 4301, or emailing haysgal@ballsbrothers.co.uk. For more details, see http://venues.ballsbrothers.co.uk/petanque/index.htm


  1. I was taught how to play pétanque in France many years ago. A fantastic game, but better suited to a climate where you can make an iced pastis last three hours while casting your boules around the edge of the village square. I fear the reason it's never quite taken off in this country has something to do with the weather...

  2. Agreed. This is presumably why this one has a roof on it.