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5 April 2011

Stock up at Syon Park Garden Centre

Your author has recently acquired a temporary share in a lovely garden, and is learning how important it is to know where your nearest garden centre is. This is why today's post is about the Syon Park Garden Centre, a particularly good example in West London.

Built around the sixteenth century stable blocks and barns of Syon Park, the estate of the Dukes of Northumberland between Isleworth and Brentford, the Garden Centre was opened by the Queen in 1968.

This was, we are told, the first modern garden centre, and led the way for the many hundreds which blight our sundays to this day, but they are a necessary evil if we are to have pretty gardens to sit out in.

The Syon Park Garden Centre is open every day, and stays open until 7pm Monday to Saturday, presumably so you can go after work and have time for planting at weekends. For more, click here.

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