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11 April 2011

Visit the new Southbank Centre shop

Last Friday, the Southbank Centre opened its new shop on Festival Terrace, the shopping arcade that links Hungerford Bridge with the walkway towards Waterloo. They have teamed up with Deptford's Cockpit Arts to offer a range of products, alongside others from various producers with a welcome focus on London and the centre itself.

Your author isn't a massive shopper, but one type of shop he always has time for museum and gallery shops of this type, especially in a period when reductions in Government spending mean that some institutions are looking to maximise other sources of revenue.

At the moment the shop also has small displays focusing on some predictably awful Royal Wedding tat, but also some specialist merchandise to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Festival of Britain, which is this year and is probably more worthy of celebration.

For more information, click here.

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