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27 April 2011

Hunt for books at the London Review Bookshop

Opened by the London Review of Books in 2003, Bloomsbury's London Review Bookshop claims to offer 20,000 titles, and is a haven for bookish types, with books packed into every nook and cranny over two floors.

The shop also offers a range of readings, discussions, talks and debates instore and elsewhere for a fairly reasonable basic price of £7 (with free wine afterwards), and a well-appointed - if a little expensive - neighbouring cake shop, but more of that another day.

The London Review Bookshop is situated at 14 Bury Place, London, WC1A 2JL, and is open most days. For more information, click here, or visit the website at http://www.lrbshop.co.uk/

^Picture © the fantastic RachelH_ used under Creative Commons^


  1. Looks remarkably like the bookshop from Channel 4's Black Books. Is this just a coincidence or was the comedy set modelled on it, does anyone know?

  2. I think the shop is more recent than the creation of Black Books, which began in 2000, but it is very pretty.

  3. The cake here is to die for.

  4. Black Books was filmed nearby, in Leigh Street WC1. LRB is much smarter than Black Books!