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12 March 2011

Walk through Paternoster Square

In the shadow of St Paul's Cathedral, Paternoster Square is actually a very modern development, completed in 2003 on a site that had previously been home to a deeply unpopular 1960s construction designed by William Holford.

The new square houses office blocks, shops, cafes and bars using diverse materials including brick, Portland stone, York stone, granite, bronze, marble and slate. A little artistic flair is also added in the form of a 23m tall column, known as the Paternoster Square Column, topped off with a gold covered flaming urn, and also the sculpture pictured of a Shepherd and Sheep, designed by Dame Elisabeth Frink, originally added in 1975 to commemorate the sheep once driven through the area, one of the few parts to have survived from the earlier development.

For more background on Paternoster Square, see http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2003/nov/03/architecture.regeneration

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  1. A great place on Sundays when free of the cityboys.