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22 March 2011

Eat at Fatboys Diner

At Trinity Buoy Wharf, deep in the Docklands, is Fatboy's Diner, London's own American diner, seemingly built in 1941 in New Jersey, USA, and imported to the UK at some point, possibly via Liverpool Street.

It's website boasts that it is 'ideally located against the backdrop of London's only Lighthouse, and the Millennium Dome accross the Thames' and your author thinks that is stretching it a bit. Ideally located for the handful of people who work at Trinity Buoy Wharf perhaps, but realistically about half an hour on the DLR for most people, then a ten minute walk.

Nevertheless, it's a beautiful spot when you get here, specialising in burgers, breakfasts and milkshakes. For more information, visit the website at http://www.fatboysdinerlondon.com/


  1. The lightship behind it is also a recording studio - http://www.lightship95.com/

  2. So there is. I wondered what that was used for.

  3. But how was the food? Worth the trip?

  4. Frank admission time, I think - I didn't eat. It's very pretty though.

  5. I love the idea of an American Art deco diner plonked in the middle of other countries. We have seen them in plenty of 1950s television programmes and at the picture theatres, but going inside a diner is a special treat. Even though I would be very reluctant to allow my teenagers to eat junk foods (eg burgers, milkshakes).

    When I wrote about deco diners in the USA, a number of non-Americans showed an interest in the topic. I will create a link to that post,
    Art and Architecture, mainly
    "Art Deco and the American Diner"

  6. I had the pleasure of experiencing an all-night theatre production at Trinity Buoy Wharf not too long ago:

    Our appetite whetted for more exploring, we came back for Fat Boy burgers:

  7. Isn't/wasn't there a Fatboy's Diner in Chelsea as well? I remember eating at one around '99 and then walking down to the Albert Bridge...

  8. I can vouch that there was indeed a Fatboy's Diner near Liverpool Street station in the late 90s, possibly early 2000s. Whether it was the same one, I don't know.

  9. It's ideally located for a top-up after a bike ride down the Lea Valley, past the Olympic Park...

  10. I think this is the same one that sat just outside Covent Garden in the 90's. Pity it's a bit remote now. Worth the hike out there for the novelty value?

  11. Worth it for the novelty value? Yes. The food, no.

  12. There's more detail on the history of Fatboys chain at

    and a great photo of the Covent Garden diner at

  13. Eaten there, many a time, just to add the correct website is http://fatboysdiner.co.uk