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27 March 2011

Take a foreshore walk with the Thames Explorer Trust

Your author has always been a fan of wanders on the Thames Foreshore, when the tide is right, and even took his parents down for a look yesterday, but often it can be frustrating looking at things you know are probably significant, but having no guide to tell you what's what.

The good news is that someone has already thought of this, and this afternoon the Thames Explorer Trust take walkers on one of their regular foreshore walks, beginning from the North end of the Millennium Bridge at around 2.30pm.

It's a good idea to book, and take wellies or walking boots, and tickets cost £8, but with the promise of a walk in the footsteps of the Victorian street children, who scraped a living ‘mudlarking’, it sounds worth the money.

There are also other regular walks in different parts of London. For more information, see http://www.thames-explorer.org.uk/adult/foreshore-walks

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