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17 March 2011

Book a ticket to the Troxy

Situated on Commercial Road, in the heart of East London, the Troxy is a former cinema which is now a fantastic venue for a diverse range of events, and some fantastic gigs. It attracts some brilliant bands, and has witnessed some great shows, and if that's not your sort of thing, Gary Numan's on in a couple of weeks.

Between 1933, when the first film shown was "King Kong", and 1960, when it closed with "The Siege of Sidney Street", the cinema had a capacity of over 3,000 people. It subsequently became a venue for Royal Opera House rehearsals, and then a Mecca Bingo, closing in 2005.

Since being acquired by its current agents, it has been converted into, in your author's opinion, one of the better venues in London to watch live music, with restoration of some of the original bits adding a great atmosphere, and sound quality holding up well.

When your author last visited, it was to see a left-wing singer-songwriter who kept banging on about the unions - in between trying to flog teatowels - but when he was singing it was very pleasant. That said, it's not all pop music, and tonight sees - bizarrely - a boxing match between Oxford and Cambridge, so it's probably best to just keep an eye on the what's on section, and see if anything pops up you fancy seeing.

For more on all things Troxy, visit http://www.troxy.co.uk/

^Picture © Jim Linwood used under Creative Commons^


  1. In my mind the 30s were the golden age of cinema building, but then I'm happy to admit my weakness for Art Deco... I'd much rather see an act here than in the O2 which is utterly soulless. Glad to see that the building is still in use when so many of these gems have gone. (RIP Guildford Odeon, now replaced by a block of tawdry looking flats...)

  2. Talking of Art Deco, I was at Eltham Palace at the weekend, and it is absolutely fantastic.

    If you haven't been, I'd thoroughly recommend it.

  3. Troxy is a great venue, except for the burger stalls which stink the place out.