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10 March 2011

Eat at the 1901 Restaurant

Your author has written before about his trip to the former Great Eastern Hotel in Liverpool Street, now known as Andaz, at the invitation of the managers. Whilst parts of the hotel are a little too modernised for his liking, the 1901 Restaurant, within the Hotel, was a particular historical highlight.

Opened in its current incarnation in October 2010, the restaurant sits beneath a huge stained-glass dome, and its Grade-II listed interior dates back to 1901, giving the space its name. The food and drink all looked excellent, and whilst in this area of town you are likely to pay handsomely for this sort of experience, a two course lunch is available at £19, and an afternoon tea at £18, making it cheaper than many contemporaries in the West End.

It's admittedly still expensive, and your author still isn't sure why an historic railway hotel needs this kind of facelift, but there was something about the atmosphere, and the live violinist who was playing, which made it worthwhile. That, and they gave him free port.

For more, try here, or visit the official website at http://www.andazdining.com/1901/1901.asp


  1. Was the Great Eastern Hotel next to, or part of a railway station? If so, someone spent a ton of money on the architecture, making it look very special.

    In my mind "railway food" used to be synonymous with fast, but not necessarily delicious meals.

  2. Thanks for mentionning the afternoon tea prices. I always look out for great deals and this one if just too good to ignore - I will book a place for my trip in late April.


  3. Ohh, me likey! I must check out their afternoon tea :)

  4. Yes, Hels, it was connected to the railway station. Most of them had a grand hotel back in the day.