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18 March 2011

Drink at the Duke of Sussex, Waterloo

Notable for its distinctive Truman, Hanbury, Buxton & Co exterior, the Duke of Sussex, in Waterloo, is a nice pub which attracts a range of after-workers and locals with its relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

When your author visited last night, as he often does on a Thursday, there was a choice of tables, and the pool table was free, despite this being a thoroughly Central London pub, a stones throw from a huge railway station, on St Patrick's Day. That is its beauty.

Amongst some staff from Christian Aid, across the road, the pub is known affectionately as "the old man's", because it lacks the try-hard atmosphere of other local pubs. For here, rather than cocktails and loud music, there are ales, walls adorned with pictures of the neighbourhood in days gone by, and postcard scenes of long-dead locals on coach trips to the seaside. Your author likes it that way.

Whilst it was nothing gastronomic, and its readiness is announced with a 'ping', there was also cheap food available from Tracey's Kitchen, in the back bar. For more on the Duke of Sussex, see http://www.fancyapint.com/pubs/pub1231.php

^Picture © Kake Pugh used under Creative Commons^


  1. Also does fun-filled Karoake on Friday nights!

  2. With such green surroundings, it's hard to believe this pub is in Central London! Beautiful, I love the ancient feel it has.

  3. sounds like a perfect pub

  4. I seem to remember going there in my student days way back in the early 70s.Lovely jubbly.

  5. great friendly pub which we spent many an hour in on our trip to london

  6. We visited this pub after a night at a local comedy club.On entering it reminded us of the Queen Vic (Eastenders)but without the shouting and arguing. The kareoke was in full swing with some half decent singers. A good choice of beers and real ales.A good time was had by all and we left just in time to catch the last train out of Waterloo.

  7. This is the "gangster pub" that actress Gemma Arterton used to host a weekend karaoke night at. The landlord at the time was a man known as "Honest Dave". Is the pub under new management? What kind of crowd does it pull in now?

  8. I've never asked the landlord's name but it's still a lovely and atmospheric place. Thankfully it hasn't been ruined like many of its ilk and still pulls an 'authentic' crowd.

  9. Don't do it. Looks alright from the outside but its worn out and shabby inside. If you enjoy an unfriendly landlord and a faint air of hostility, get down there now.

    1. Rubbish. It's a lovely pub. Sure the landlord isn't all smiles, but he and everyone in the pub are nice enough. But yeah, if you can't handle a pub that hasn't had its interior ripped out and knocked about, and doesn't do vintage gourmet craft pop-up tapas, then go elsewhere.