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25 March 2011

Admire Westminster Cathedral

When most people think of a Cathedral in Westminster, they go straight for Westminster Abbey, but there's another one. This one is for those nice Catholics, and it's free to have a look inside.

Built on a site acquired by the Catholic Church in 1884, it was designed to reflect the Byzantine style of early Christianity by Victorian architect John Francis Bentley. The first stone was laid in 1895, and work completed eight years later. It was formally consecrated in 1910 and as such celebrated a centenary last year.

Much of the art inside was added later, and as Bentley died before the Cathedral was opened it was up to future artists and architects to ensure these fitted with the rest of the Cathedral.

The Cathedral is the largest Roman Catholic church in England and the seat of the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, Archbishop Vincent Nichols.

For more information, see http://www.westminstercathedral.org.uk/

^Picture © Catholic Westminster used under Creative Commons^


  1. i love the place london and this blog is really wonderful:)

  2. My office overlooks Westminster Cathedral, but I have not been inside. Thanks for the reminder that it is worth a look.

    I enjoy watching the tourists, occasional pilgrims and worshippers as a break from the computer screen.

  3. I love the Byzantine architecture, although recalling the brouhaha around the last Pope's visit to Ukraine, I can only wonder what London's Orthodox community made of it at the time... I've been inside once and had a quick look around but got scared off by the Eric Gill carvings!

  4. I have often walked past and thought that I would like to see the inside.
    I am fascinated to learn (from Chaz, above) that there are Eric Gill carvings.
    There are also some on the outside of the BBC building in the Aldwych.
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  5. Don't forget that you can go up to the top of the tower part for a small fee. Very very good views of London!