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2 September 2010

Walk beside Fairlop Waters

Failop Waters, in the London Borough of Redbridge, is a former gravel pit which is now operated as a Country Park and Leisure facility, with a 40 acres sailing lake, with two islands, surrounded by 300 acres of open countryside.

Accessible by the Central Line at Fairlop or Barkingside station, the park offers a number of outdoor pursuits, with the sailing lake, with a neighbouring angling lake and another smaller lake for nature, and also ‘wilderness’ walks, two golf courses and plenty of bird watching opportunities.

For more information, see http://cms.redbridge.gov.uk/leisure__culture/parks_and_open_spaces/fairlop_waters.aspx

^Picture by John Davies under a Creative Commons Licence^

1 comment:

  1. I went there earlier in the year - its really under-used as a public space which is quite sad. There's a nice Greek restaurant in the sailing centre though :)