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4 September 2010

Celebrate Morris Dance at the Southbank Centre

Traditionally thought of as an excuse for bearded men to escape their wives, drink fine ales and dress up, Morris Dancing finally gets some recognition in a genuine arts centre this weekend with the Southbank Centre's 5000 Morris Dancers Weekend.

Pop artist David Owen brings a Morris-inspired large-scale installation to Southbank Centre, and the best in folk and Morris dance spend the weekend dancing at the centre, alongside live music and film celebrating the art.

If you're looking for Morris Dance in its purest form, one hundred of the finest morris dancers from across England will also be assembling at noon today and tomorrow and dancing throughout the afternoon. Featuring Hammersmith Morris Men, Mortimer's Morris (Nottingham), Pecsaetan Morris (Sunday only), Boggart's Breakfast, Eynsham Morris (Saturday only), Stone Monkey Sword Dancers, Moss Brothers and Gog Magog Molly.

For more on all aspects of the weekend, see http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/find/festivals-series/5000-morris-dancers-weekend

^Picture by Fimb^

1 comment:

  1. thanks for this. i read about it here, and decided to go there instead of to the deaf and disabled festival in trafalgar square. it is very enjoyable. people make a lot of fun about morris dancers, but the men do really need lots of stamina because they make it so vigorous and it is great to watch. it carries on with more contestants on sunday(today as i write). so many things going on in london during the weekend, we are spoilt for choice.