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3 September 2010

See Gormley's Quantum Cloud

Anthony Gormley's Quantum Cloud is a sculpture which stands beside the Millennium Dome, overlooking the pier used by the Thames Clipper boat services.

At first sight, it looks like just a mass of steel bits, but if you look a little closer, and move around the sculpture, you can soon make out a large figure, supposedly based on Gormley's own body, at the centre.

The structure itself contains 3,800 galvanised steel sections, and measures 29m high, 16m wide and 10m deep, so is visible from quite a distance. It was commissioned as part of the Millenium celebrations, to sit alongside the Dome and was, your author understands, completed on time.

For more, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_cloud

^Picture by Matt From London^


  1. Interesting... and not too far from and not dissimilar to this: