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29 September 2010

Seek sustenance at the Pavilion Cafe, Dulwich Park

The Pavilion Cafe is a fantastic little cafe with a varied menu of fresh, often organic, dishes housed in a 115 year old former cricket pavilion in Dulwich Park.

The cafe has been run by Tarka & Domani Cowlam since November 2002, and is open every day, offering wireless internet, home-baked cakes, sandwiches and fresh food cooked on the premises.

Your author has only ever visited for a full english breakfast, but they did agree to serve it to him after 3pm, and it was brilliant, so considering the excellent reviews elsewhere, we can probably concede that this is a good cafe. Just a shame about all the usual East Dulwich toddlers hanging around causing mischief.

For more, see http://www.pavilioncafedulwich.co.uk/


  1. Full English breakfast at 3pm? Oh, I have to visit this place. I've been promising myself I'd visit Dulwich for ages anyway (a book I read was set there).

  2. Do you mean toddlers or teenagers? Both irritating, but toddlers you can trip up, teenagers you can't. Well, not without being taken to A&E.

  3. The idea of lunching in a pavilion in a Victorian park is sooooooooo civilised. And after lunch, on a summer day, the walks around Dulwich Park are gorgeous.