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18 September 2010

See Kingston's phone box dominoes

Probably not worth the journey on its own, standing as it does beside a Travelodge and a Wilkinson in Kingston, David Mach's Out of Order is a piece of installation art consisting of twelve telephone boxes, gradually falling over like dominoes.

It was installed in December 1989, and despite a petition for its removal in 2000, it was still there last time your author was in the area. Probably just as well, considering it is listed (albeit unfairly) on Wikipedia as Kingston's only landmark.

For more on the artist, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Mach

^Picture by mijori^


  1. To be fair, its not list on Wikipedia as "Kingston's only landmark"; it is the only landmark listed on Wikipedia for Kingston. These are actually very different things.

  2. Thanks for letting us know where it is. I've always wondered about it!

  3. This thing has puzzled residents of Kingston (like me) ever since it appeared. There was a plan to put up a big pyramid of old fridges on the roundabout near the town hall, but this idea was abandoned.

    Dr Paul

  4. I wasn't aware that locals don't like it. I'm actually quite fond of it, having stumbled upon it (not literally) for the first time on a surreal, snowy Christmas night, on my way to Heathrow as a newcomer to London. But to be fair, everything looked magical that night.


  5. Thanks for the comments all.

    ...and I did say unfairly listed.

  6. You forgot to mention that it's just round the corner from Oceana...surely Kingston's premier landmark


  7. For five long years I walked past this every day on the way to and from school. As a result it's indelibly associated with the torments of a typically repressed and unproductive British education. Oh what fun we had, I don't think...

  8. As someone who grew up in Kingston and now lives in California I still love this piece, I even have a small framed image of it on my desk. I honestly wonder what's wrong with the people who want it removed, it's well done, it's a great landmark and it provides a splash of colour. If people are so concerned about the looks of the town maybe spend a bit more effort petitioning about the amount of litter.


  9. I think the shops in Old London Road felt cut off from the rest of Kingston but now everyone loves the sculpture! Old London Road have street parties and a lot of festivities. The mayor just commissioned us to make a celebration window which has "out of order" , the name of the fallen phone boxes at the bottom