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13 September 2010

See the Berlin Wall

Your author spends a considerable amount of time bleating on about how you can see anything in the world in London, and a perfect example is to be found in the Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park, just outside the Imperial War Museum. For here you can find a genuine section of the Berlin Wall.

Painted with the words, 'Change Your Life', which are attributed to the graffiti artist Indiano, the section of the wall was acquired by the Imperial War Museum in 1991, two years after it fell.

It originally stood near the Brandenburg Gate, one of eight Berlin Wall crossings points. Following the Revolutions of 1989, and the fall of the wall, it was at the Brandenburg Gate on 22 December 1989 that the crossing was officially reopened and Helmut Kohl, the West German chancellor, walked through to be greeted by Hans Modrow, the East German prime minister.

For more pictures of the section of the wall, see http://www.mauer.jp/block/iwme.html


  1. Enjoying your blog! Any suggestion on a good place for crepes? I would appreciate it

    Laura, HappyHomemakerUK.blogspot.com

  2. My god - I had no idea that's what that weird bit of concrete was. I was in Berlin in December and it's really moving to see it, and there are a surprising number of sections still standing. My partner is a West Berliner so it's doubly poignant for me... and they do say that the wall 'is still in the mind'...

  3. HH - have you tried, Creme de la Crepe or the Kensington Creperie. Search on here.

    And Pete, this is why you should always read plaques.