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6 September 2010

Look up at Centre Point

Often dismissed by visitors and Londoners alike, Centre Point, at the junction of New Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road is actually a Grade II listed building, standing 385 ft and 32 floors tall.

Whilst it is only the 27th tallest building in London today, when it opened in 1966 it was the tallest, and one of the first skyscrapers in London.

The building famously stood empty for many years, as developer Harry Hyams wanted to rent it all to a single tenant, and was thought of by many as a symbol of the greed of property developers. It was eventually let, and has since been sold to another property company, Targetfollow, in October 2005.

Whilst at ground level, the building is now surrounded by building sites for the crossrail project, and has had its odd fountains removed, it is still very visible from all around Central London. Look up, and you'll probably see it.

For more, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centre_Point

^Picture by pathlost^

1 comment:

  1. People have often compalined about Centre Point, but I've always felt that it is one of the better looking tall buildings in London.

    Dr Paul