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9 March 2010

View the Olympic Site from the View Tube

It's been covered brilliantly months ago on other London blogs but it always takes your author a while to catch up, so today's idea is the View Tube, overlooking the Olympic site.

In typical Olympics fashion, the largely-empty expensive-looking website can't just say it's a cafe with a nice view of the building site, it has to be 'a social enterprise and community venue located on The Greenway adjacent to the Olympic Park', but your author is pretty sure it was mainly a cafe with a nice view when he popped by on Sunday. Made from bright green recycled shipping containers, it's a partnership project between Leaside Regeneration, London Thames Gateway Development Corporation, the Olympic Delivery Authority and Thames Water.

Whilst the website is plastered with words like 'events', 'create', 'learn' and other meaningless terms, there doesn't seem to be a huge amount to do other than drink tea and look at the view, but it does seem that you might be able to hire a bike for about a fiver and from here you can ride for absolutely miles along the Greenway (to Beckton) or along the Lee Valley, which sounds like great fun, and it's a sport. Oh, and also there is a cafe with a nice view of the Olympic site there.

The View is open daily from 9am until 5pm, for more, see http://www.theviewtube.co.uk/

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