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28 March 2010

Stare up at Millbank Tower

Constructed in 1963 and designed by Ronald Ward and Partnerst, Millbank Tower on Millbank around half a mile South of the Houses of Parliament and just North of the Tate Britain is a 387 ft tall Grade II listed skyscraper in the City of Westminster.

The tower is well known for being the location of the offices of political parties, and the Labour Party famously based its offices there in the run up to the 1997 General Election. Nowadays, the Conservative Party have relocated their Campaign Headquarters there, hoping to repeat the success of Labour in 1997.

The United Nations also apparently had offices in Millbank Tower until 2003, when they left due to high rents. Nowadays, the various floors are occupied by the likes of The Parliamentary Ombudsman, The Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, The Local Government Ombudsman and The Ministry of Justice Records Management Service. Your author imagines they are all just as interesting as they sound.

For more information on the tower see here or visit the commercial website at http://www.millbanktower.co.uk/

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