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5 March 2010

Shop at the Pop Boutique

How indie do you think you are? Well however much it is it's not as indie as these guys. Pop Boutique began in Manchester in at the 1994, and opened in London in 1996 at 6 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden. The shop sells vintage clothing, accessories, furniture, vintage vinyl and kitch.

The Pop label has now spread to Liverpool, Leeds, and Gothenburg, and they also sell Pop goods to independent shops in Europe and Japan. They seem to make a point of their employees' love of vintage stuff and that's probably how they get such nice things, all ethically sourced etc etc.

The only problem with it all is you have to be so skinny and indie to wear the clothes that even your author can't really do it any more. For more, see http://www.pop-boutique.com/where/Pop,London

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