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25 March 2010

Search out Eine's Alphabet

Your author doesn't usually go in for boring graffiti posts, but there will always be exceptions. So today, let's look at the work of the graffiti artist Ben Flynn (aka Eine), or more specifically, some work he did quite a few years ago, in Shoreditch, Hackney and Brick Lane. For it was Eine who covered dowdy shop shutters with vibrant letters.

They've been around for about five years now (probably) and Eine has also taken the concept to Paris, Stockholm and Newcastle upon Tyne, as well as Hastings in East Sussex, where your author was pleased to find some last weekend. Eine has also been involved in some larger lithography projects such as the larger-type SCARY, which adorned the wall on Rivington Street in central Shoreditch.

For more about the letters, see an interview at http://www.ishotthedeputy.com/?q=node/570.

^Picture by bixentro^

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