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14 March 2010

Enjoy the view from the Tamesis Dock

There's something about boat pubs which particularly appeals to your author, and that's why he liked the Tamesis Dock, in Vauxhall. Formerly known as The English Maid, the Tamesis Dock is a converted 1933 Dutch barge, which is now used as a pub and restaurant.

The quality of the food and drink offering isn't particularly great, and it's a bit rough around the edges, but the views, taking in the Houses of Parliament, Millbank Tower, the Tate Britain and MI6 make it worth popping in to waste half an hour if you're in the area.

They seem also to host fairly regular bands and DJs and even Burlesque Art Drawing Classes, whatever that means. For more, see http://www.tamesisdock.co.uk


  1. I'd passed this and not thought that it had a license. I really must investigate further... thanks for the tip!

  2. Like a say, food and drink patchy but reasonable, location and view excellent.

    Give it a try...