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26 March 2010

Buy a newspaper from the MPs Newsstand

Even MPs need to buy a newspaper, and the tiny news stand, on Bridge Street, SW1, provides all the newspapers daily for MPs in the Houses of Parliament, as well as passing civil servants, and serves a dual role supplying inane tourists with directions and pieces of tat.

It's a mammoth operation, and so is the invoicing of the 600 odd MPs who order papers daily and need to ensure they are properly invoiced.

For a while the stand was temporarily relocated onto the South footway of Bridge Street, but was returned to its natural home on the North side in 2005. So whether its a novelty postcard of the Queen's face, a copy of the Wall Street Journal (selected stockists only) or a copy of any bog standard daily paper you're after watch out whilst your in the queue, as you might spot a Minister of the Crown queuing up to change his paper order.


  1. 'Inane tourists'. Nice.

  2. Yes, welcome to my London blog, where I make suggestions for tourists and Londoners!

    Of course, not all tourists are inane, I hasten to add. But there are certainly some examples round this area!