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15 December 2009

The Woolpack, Bermondsey

You may have notice that since your author moved temporarily to Bermondsey it is getting more of a mention here. This is because his time there is limited and it is very worthy of a mention. If you need proof, look no further than the Woolpack, in Bermondsey Street, SE1, a lovely pub on a street which it's easy to miss. Bermondsey Street runs all the way from Tooley Street underneath London Bridge Station but because its entrance to the North is just a tunnel it is all too easy to miss.

The pub supposedly takes its name from Bermondsey's leather industry, which was very established in Victorian times, leading to the building of a Leather Exchange, opened in August 1879, which still stands today in nearby Leathermarket Street. Alongside the leather industry, associated businesses developed, including hatters who used the wool from the sheep. The Woolpack took it's name from these people.

The pub is welcoming with a great interior, a nice garden and a good range of drinks and averagely-priced food, considering its location. If you've never been to Bermondsey, you could do a lot worse than start here.

For more information, visit http://www.woolpackbar.com

^Picture by Ewan Munro^


  1. Hi Tom, I've only ever been once to Bermondsey even though it is apparently my familys ancesteral spritual home. My teenage son and myself walked along the Thames path heading east and found a lovely pub with a small balony that looked right out over the river.

  2. Would avoid on a Friday night as it is packed with after-work drinkers from the local offices...

  3. may be the mayflower?