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8 December 2009

Locate the notorious Tyburn Tree

At the point where Park Lane and Oxford Street meet, on the corner of Hyde Park, there was once a village called Tyburn, close to where Marble Arch now stands. It took its name from the Tyburn, a tributary of the River Thames.

Whilst the village was known for its water source, Tyburn Springs, and its Manor house, it was better known as the site of the infamous 'Tyburn Tree', a gallows where, between 1571 and the late 1700s, it is estimated that 40,000 and 60,000 people were put to death by hanging.

The Tree stood at the start of the ancient Watling Street, now the A5, which continued all the way to Holyhead. This was an entry point to London for many and the gallows was considered as a warning to travellers.

The hangings, of a range of religious figures, criminals and others, were public spectacles and drew crowds of thousands. So many came that Tyburn villagers erected spectator stands so that as many as possible could see.

For more, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyburn

^Picture by J'Roo^


  1. just here to say that your blog is awesome :)

  2. Thanks mate! It always means a great deal to me when people are enjoying it. Makes it all worthwhile.

  3. I'm new here, and I absolutely love it! So much to look forward to now, thanks! :)

  4. Finally visited the Tyburn Tree plaque last night..mission accomplished :)