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29 December 2009

Wave to Brian Haw

It's been pretty cold recently, and it's been Christmas, so spare a thought for poor old Brian Haw, who has been sitting out in his tent on Parliament Square since 2001.

Annoying as many of your author's Westminster friends understandably find his incoherent megaphone shouting, you have to admire his staying power, especially at this time of year.

A former boat-builder, Merchant Seaman, removal man and carpenter, he set up his camp as a one-man political protest against war and foreign policy, and has adapted it to take in almost all of foreign and some domestic policy since.

Still, he's survived many attempts to move him and as long as he's enjoying it, you might as well give him a wave. For more on Brian, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Haw.

^Picture by Steve Punter^

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