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26 December 2009

Go ice skating in Somerset House

Christmas Day may be over but most of us have the day off work, so let's make the most of it. Somerset House ice rink is a seasonal treat that can help us carry on that festive spirit during the

This year the ice rink celebrates its 10th birthday, and if you don't fancy it today, it's open all the way until 24 January 2010.

Opening hours are rather erratic, but the rink is open most evenings and there are even DJ Nights, student events and early morning Breakfast with Tiffany specials.

Daytime sessions cost £10.50, and in the evening it costs £12.50. For more, see http://www.somersethouse.org.uk/ice_rink/default.asp

^Picture by uriba^


  1. DONT BOOK TICKETS IN ADVANCE FOR SOMERSET HOUSE SKATING. Their policy is that no matter how exceptional the circumstances you cannot get a refund or transfer the tickets. When the trains were not running and the police said do not travel because of snow, we could not get to the rink. We booked in advance as a group and they would not refund OR transfer so we all lost alot of money.

  2. Fair point I suppose Anon, but I just never really see why you have to prebook tickets for an ice rink anyway...

    One reason you might, however, is that the excellent Buttoned Down Disco are DJing with others on 22nd January. For more see