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14 December 2009

Go Ice Climbing in Covent Garden

If you're not already finding it too cold outside, and you fancy a challenge, the Vertical Chill ice climbing wall might be up your street.

Opened in 2003, the wall at the Ellis Brigham store in Covent Garden, is inside a refrigerated unit which is kept between -5°C and -7°C. It stretches 8m from the basement to the ground floor of the shop, where there are viewing windows, and offers climbing a chance to experience real ice climbing without having to travel hundreds of miles or wait for a period of intense frosts.

Unfortunately, however, it isn't cheap, and the owners will charge you £50 per person for a beginner session. After you become more experienced sessions are available with an instructor for £35 per hour, or if you know exactly what you're doing it costs £25 an hour to just turn up and climb. It all sounds a bit chilly for your author but it is more proof that there is in London all that life can afford...

The wall is open daily except Mondays until about 6.30pm. For more information, visit http://www.vertical-chill.com/

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