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4 December 2009

Drink ales at The Bree Louise

Your author has been featuring a lot of pubs recently, but there's always time for stand-out establishments, and the Bree Louise, a short distance from Euston Station, falls into that category.

Brim full of ales and nice people, the Bree Louise is run by Craig and Karen, who have extensive experience dating back to the 80's and a great passion for pubs. Their experience really shows here, with excellent food on offer and a great range of ales, which surpases the selection in your local and gives it the feel of a perpetual beer festival.

It's a perfect pub and there is even often discount for CAMRA and NUS members. Not only that, but there is a good food menu and a "pie of the day" with mash and veg for as little as £5.

For more information, visit http://www.thebreelouise.com/

^Picture by AndyRob


  1. For a similar type pub, you could try The Pride of Spitalfields: http://thehappinessprojectlondon.wordpress.com/

  2. Hi there.

    I've already covered the Pride of Spitalfields on here (http://www.tiredoflondontiredoflife.com/2009/05/seek-out-pre-curry-ale.html)

    But I would stress that the Bree Louise is a cut above on the ales front. The Pride of Spitalfields is lovely though, but they just don't cut it on the ale range/keeping.