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9 October 2009

Go Bowling in Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes bills itself as 'totally unique for London or indeed anywhere!'. Your author thinks that is stretching it a bit but he is prepared to admit that the bowling lanes, in the basement of the Tavistock Hotel, are fun.

Alongside some good honest (rather expensive) bowling lanes there is a well stocked bar, a DJ booth, some Karaoke booths, table football and even an odd cinema thing in the entrance area.

It has many competitors nowadays in American-1950s-style-twee-bowling-lanes, but your author has had some good times here so he's sticking with it. The starting price for booking a single lane is £36/hr, but rates vary and it can be cheaper. For more information, and to book a lane, visit http://www.bloomsburybowling.com.

^Bowling shoes from Flickr courtesy of b+c+c+f^


  1. Agree London has been over run with "trendy" bowling lanes. Bloomsbury though is not the same. It is a one off and we love it.

  2. The Lanes Bloommsbury ROCKS! Love the Throw Back night.