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1 October 2009

Admire the view from the Blue Bridge, St James' Park

The Blue Bridge, in St James' Park, is a lovely spot, and offers stunning views across the lake to Buckingham Palace in the West, or Whitehall, Horse Guards, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the London Eye in the East.

Now they've finished the recent dredging of the lake the views are once again at their best, framed by trees and water, and it's a lovely spot for quiet contemplation or a pause during a pleasant autumnal stroll, and the lake has plentiful waterfowl (including the notorious pelicans, as well as two islands; Duck Island, and West Island. Maybe best avoided at night, however, if only for the risk of ghost encounters.

For more on the Park, and an interactive map, visit http://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/st_james_park/.

^View from Blue Bridge, St James' Park, from Wikipedia under Wikimedia Commons^

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