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17 October 2009

Drink tea at the Victoria Park Pavilion

The Pavilion Cafe, in Victoria Park, right beside the lake and is a beautiful spot for a cup of tea and a bite to eat, and is a fine place to break up a brisk winter weekend walk to blow away the cobwebs.

Thankfully, the Pavilion doesn't suffer from the sort of overpriced institutionalism which plagues many park cafes in West London, and is just an ordinary cafe really, which happens to be in a park. In fact, this cafe used to be on Bethnal Green Road, but apparently moved here due to size issues.

Well, your author is a fan, and even if it is still a bit pricey and is staffed by trendies, it is still nice. There is even an official website, which tells you nothing at all but is very pretty: http://www.the-pavilion-cafe.com.

^Picture from Flickr courtesy of uriba^


  1. Like your blog Tom. Have added a link in my sidebar 'londoners worth a visit'.

  2. MR ROBIN P STEVENS17 October 2009 at 13:21

    Sounds good, I'm doing the 10K run in Victoria Park tomorrow, I'll pass this on to my loyal supporters.

  3. Just finished a 10k race in Viccie Park and decided to find the pavilion cafe having seen this blog entry.

    Love the cafe - battersea-esque in feel, menu written in chalk on modern black walls. Poached eggs are lovely. Tears For Fears playing on the music system. Sunshine through the autumn trees and on the water. Real community feel - race runners, families out for a stroll and cyclists who've locked their bikes outside.

    Great tip!

  4. This is a great cafe - I've been here a few times, despite the obstacle of living in South London. The last time I took some visitors, and as we were sitting outside eating sizeable, reasonably priced & delicious cakes, a cellist and saxophonist started up - a real film moment. Go!