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23 October 2009

Buy birthday cakes at Bea's of Bloomsbury

It is Tired of London, Tired of Life's birthday today. Exactly a year ago today, your author picked up his laptop and decided to share some things to do in London. So to celebrate such a special day let's look at a renowned hotspot in the cake world - where you may well find something to satisfy your birthday cake cravings - Bea's of Bloomsbury.

Whilst your author must admit he has only ever experienced their cakes in take away form, they were very good and all reviewers seem united in their praise for the cafe and cake shop. Your author will, therefore, take a well earned day off, and leave you in the capable hands of reviewers from Londonist here and Time Out here.

For full information on Bea's and a menu visit http://www.beasofbloomsbury.com/.

^Picture of the Bea's of Bloomsbury window display from Flickr courtesy of Rev Stan^


  1. Happy birthday to your grand idea.

    Love D

  2. Happy Blog Birthday! I had a stop at Bea's on my itinerary for my last trip to London but didn't make it...next time.

  3. congratulations on making it a year!