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20 October 2009

Get lost in a black hole - Miroslaw Balka's How It Is

Your author is a fan of installation art, so finding himself in Central London on Saturday with half an hour to kill, he couldn't resist popping in to see the latest piece to grace the Tate Modern Turbine Hall, Miroslaw Balka's How It Is.

Having heard it relentlessly promoted on Radio 4 in recent days, he was expecting it to be a lot busier than it was, and was also sceptical given Balka's almost lazy description of his artwork, but thankfully the reality - that it was quite fun - made up for any worries.

For those to whom the PR has not yet filtered through, Balka has taken a large box and filled it with darkness in an attempt to make us feel a bit scared. Your author is in no capacity at all an art critic but he found it very interesting to wander around in the dark and it made him think, which is what art is supposed to do.

If you're interested in reading reviews click here, or for visitor information from the Tate, visit: http://www.tate.org.uk/modern/exhibitions/unilevermiroslawbalka/

^Picture from Flickr courtesy of paul-simpson.org^

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