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3 June 2009

Watch a concert at the Royal Academy of Music

The Royal Academy of Music was founded in 1822, attracting students from over 50 countries worldwide to teach them the necessary skills for a successful career in music at the highest level.

The Academy is a conservatoire, Britain's oldest degree-granting music school, and has attracted some of the world's most respected musicians, to allow them to develop their skills in an excellent academic environment.

The Academy offers a range of free and budget-priced recitals in various different musical disciplines, all by excellent musicians to the highest standards. Most of the free events are during the daytime, but some are in the evening. If this sounds like your sort of thing, why not check out the events listings here and for more information about the Academy as a whole, visit http://www.ram.ac.uk

^Picture from Flickr courtesy of danchitnis^

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