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18 June 2009

Play Pall Mall

Your author has to admit to getting PRed by the Mayor's Story of London Festival Team on this one, but it is interesting, so it will be repeated here. On Tuesday, Visit London recreated the 17th century royal game that gave its name to both the Mall, and Pall Mall.

The game of “Paille Maille” was originally enjoyed by the Royal and upper classes in those areas, and was a favourite on King Charles II when central London was still green fields. He and his courtiers played the game, which apparently takes its name from the Italian word 'pallamaglio', or 'ball-mallet', and was played in the areas which Pall Mall and The Mall now stand upon.

It's basically croquet, but with a historic twist, so if you have a croquet set (your author does not) and fancy getting back to the aristocratic roots of London why not have a game. Tired of London, Tired of Life has uploaded the rules, and a bit of history, for you here. Enjoy!

For more information on the Story of London Festival (now Boris is king apparently history is more important than those awful free pop music festivals your author used to really love*), visit http://www.london.gov.uk/storyoflondon/

* Though one has survived, in the form of Paradise Gardens, this weekend in Victoria Park.

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