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29 June 2009

Pop in to the Brick Lane Beigel Bake

Apparently baking Beigels 24 hours a day since the 1960s (though surely not open continuously) the Brick Lane Beigel Bake is one of those places which is constantly referred to as an 'institution', so it must be one. A hangover from the days when Brick Lane was a largely Jewish community (after the Huguenots moved out, and before it became home to the Bangladeshi community) it still stands proud at the Northern end of the lane, unchallenged by its changing surroundings.

Your author is sometimes criticised by his friends for his East London focus, and he is willing to admit this has been worse than usual recently (not least as a result of the rush to come up with ideas ahead of departure for Glastonbury last Wednesday). However, this one is another worthy inclusion, not least as a value-for-money bite to eat on any night out in the area. Sure, it's not particularly good quality but is probably just about better for you than a kebab.

It's situated at 159 Brick Lane, and has 'superb breads and magnificently moreish cakes' according to Time Out

Click here to see the location on a map.

^Picture from Flickr courtesy of acme^


  1. The Beigel Bake has indeed been open 24 hours a day since the early 1960s, at least. I had a stall in Club Row at that time and can vouch for it. Their salt beef beigel and vegetable soup make such a delicious, sustaining, cheap meal that my friends and I, together with flotillas of policemen, street cleaners and taxi drivers, have always made a bee-line for it at all hours of the night. Highly recommended. 'Beigel' is a Yiddish word, by the way,; shades of the Lane's Jewish past.

  2. Excellent insight. Thanks so much for popping by Mike.